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Month: July 2024

Another PBR Update

This time all the Bow Poses got a PBR update. There are still legacy versions or fallback textures, so you are not lost if you are still on an older viewer. If you already purchased the pose, you can request a redelivery from Marketplace.

The Alien

Capture the suspense of a classic movie moment with this photo pose! This set includes a detailed environment with the menacing Xenomorph and the eerie hallway. Ideal for photographers and sci-fi enthusiasts, this pose brings dramatic movie storytelling to your snapshots.

A static pose for your photographs. This pose is supplied as priority 4 with copy / modify permissions.

Includes everything except the clothes

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Photo-Pose-69-The-Alien/26184445

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