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Month: March 2022

Torch Giver with control HUD

This item is perfect for ceremonies and special occasions. It includes two torch givers – one with a stand and one without.

When clicked, the Torch giver will automatically attach a torch to your hand. The included HUD allows you to control the animation of all people holding the torches.

You can raise them in the air or lower them down, adding a special touch to your roleplay or creating a lovely effect for lighting a fire.

Get them at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Torch-Giver-with-control-HUD/23333871

Bento Carry Animation with Tray

Experience a delightful roleplay with this amazing carry animation and accompanying tray.

The tray is fully customizable, allowing you to effortlessly replace the items on it with your own personal touch. Perfect for engaging in offerings or enchanting rituals, it lends itself beautifully to showcasing essential oils or captivating beauty and love potions.

Let your imagination soar as you indulge in this fun and versatile accessory.

Comes in two different sizes for different arms width and should fit most people.

Only the arms are locked so your AO will still work like normally walking and standing.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Bento-Carry-Animation-with-Tray/23333848

The Shaman Body Paint

Immerse your self with this exquisite hand-painted body adornment. Carefully created with intricate spirals and enchanting symbols, this native body paint transports you to a realm of mystery and authenticity. Perfect for roleplay enthusiasts, this remarkable piece adds a touch of uniqueness to visual storytelling.

In the listing you’ll find a BOM universal clothing (for system bodies, TMP, Legacy etc.) and Appliers for Maitreya (v 5 or higher), Slink and Belleza.

The BOM clothing layer is sold with modify rights, o you can change the colour.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-The-Shaman-Body-Paint/23333832

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