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Month: August 2021

Bento Bodybuilder Poses

Introducing our latest collection of dynamic poses designed for fitness enthusiasts and champions alike. These powerful photo poses draw inspiration from iconic figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mr. Universe, showcasing their strength and dedication. Each pose captures the essence of a true bodybuilder, allowing you to showcase your hard-earned physique and share your passion for fitness with the world.

This package contains 7 animations and a pose disc for quickly selecting the various poses. All poses have bento animated hands and are ideal for those body builder photo shoots.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Bento-Bodybuilder-Poses/22596704

Carry Animation with Deer

Our latest roleplay carry animation, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters! This animation embraces the spirit of nature and adds a touch of realism to your roleplaying experiences. Ideal for hunters, trackers, or anyone looking to recreate an authentic woodland scene. Immerse yourself in the great outdoors with this unique and captivating animation.

Priority 5 animations with Bento animated hands.

Two different sizes with different arms width, should fit most people. Modify permissions and resizer so it can be scaled up / down.

Only the upper body and arms are locked so your AO will still work like normally walking and standing.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Carry-Animation-with-Deer/22591557

Bento Animated Staff HUD

Introducing our versatile Staff and Spear Control HUD! This nifty gadget ensures that your staff seamlessly moves along with you, preventing any awkward body glitches. With this amazing HUD, you can effortlessly hold your staff in six different positions, ideal for any roleplay or ritual scenario.

This item contains a bento animated Staff / Spear Control HUD and the Staff shown in the vendor picture. It will however work with your existing staff or spear if you hold it in your right hand.

When you attach the HUD, a hold animation is started that holds the spear, so it doesn’t go through your body when you walk or stand. When you click the HUD, a menu will appear that lets you choose between 4 different bento animated staff positions: Hold High, Stomp, Push Forward or Point Up.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Bento-Animated-Staff-HUD/22545239

Jungle Nymph Body Paint – Hibiscus

Introducing our vibrant floral body paint, inspired by the beautiful hibiscus flower. Hand-painted with care, this body paint brings a burst of color and tropical vibes to your virtual style. Accompanied by a cute mesh jungle hat, crafted to perfectly match the body paint’s style. Stand out among the crowd with this delightful combination that adds an exotic touch to your look!

In the listing you’ll find the hat and body paint with both BOM clothing (for system bodies, TMP, Legacy etc.) and Appliers for Maitreya (v 5 or higher), Slink and Belleza.

The BOM clothing layer and hat is sold with modify rights.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Jungle-Nymph-Body-Paint-Hibiscus/22439474

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