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Month: August 2020

Mer Couple’s Swim

Enjoy a lovely aquatic adventure with the Mer Couples Swim. This user-friendly swimming accessory comes with couple’s animations for an enjoyable experience. Whether you choose to explore underwater depths or swim leisurely at the surface, the easy adjustable position feature guarantees comfort. It includes two delightful couple’s swimming animations and a simple switch control for a smooth, effortless swim.

Get it at the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-Mer-Couples-Swim/20159877

TWI Peeing

Bring on the laughs with a playful wolf peeing animation. This unique system comes with visual particles and corresponding sounds for extra fun. For ease and convenience, there is a HUD included for controlling the ‘distance’ of the pee and a quick gesture option if you prefer. The package also includes an extras box with the animation on its own and a gesture incorporating it.

Get it in the inworld store or right here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NF-TWI-Peeing/20131318

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